About Our Honey

About Our Honey

Mama’s Go-to Raw Honey 1LB

It’s sweet. It’s golden. It’s nature’s heavenly elixir…

Nothing beats a bottle of sweet ol’ honey.

Add it to your home-cooked delicacies for a refreshing spark of flavor.

Stir it up in your drink and take a sip for a trip to Candyland.

Or, apply it to a freshly toasted slice of bread — just like what mama used to make.

From hive to bottle, our honey is produced ethically, sustainably, and responsibly because we love and care for our buzzing friends as much as you do!
Indulge in a healthy and delicious treat while supporting local bee farms in Detroit.

What’s buzzing in this bottle ~

• 100% Pure, Natural Honey: No added sugar, preservatives, pesticides or other weird
mumbo jumbos. Our honey is unpasteurized, unfiltered, and unadulterated — just as nature intended it to be. Satisfy your sugar cravings and feel good about it.

• Essential Vitamins & Minerals: Strengthen your bones, fortify your immune system, accelerate cell regeneration, and promote overall body wellness with the abundance of vitamins and minerals in our honey.

• Key Amino Acids: Our bodies rely on amino acids to synthesize proteins. Fuel your body with your daily dose of aminos and give yourself a pat on the back for doing your part.

• Powerful Antioxidants: Antioxidants neutralize free radicals which damage our cells and are major contributors to cardiovascular disease, joint inflammation, cancer, asthma, and diabetes. Keep them at bay and enjoy a flavorful treat while you’re at it.

• Pinocembrin: This antioxidant is only found in honey and is shown to protect your brain cells from Alzheimer’s disease.

• Cough-Suppressants: Say goodbye to nasty coughs and breathe freely. No more sleepless nights and no more coughing fits halfway through a convo — it’s awkward.